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Website layout with HTML tables versus CSS

date 10 Aug 2006 | category Site News

For a long time it´s been a common practice to use HTML tables to design a website´s layout. But in a HTML purist´s view, this technique is deprecated (and always has been), because HTML tables are meant to organize content …

Webpage optimization - the HTML table trick

date 09 Aug 2006 | category HTML, Web Design

To rank slightly better in the search engines, one thing you can do is to optimize the source code of your webpages in such a way that your most important keyword focused content is placed as high as possible inside …

optimizing your web pages for higher search engine rankings

date 08 Aug 2006 | category SEO, Web Design

Optimizing your web pages and your website structure for higher rankings in the search engines is no rocket science. However, a well optimized website doesn´t guarantee high rankings, as there are way more factors that influence the rankings of your …