WordPress SEO Themes Update

This one has been long overdue. I have just updated my SEO themes for WordPress and uploaded the new versions, so they are now available for download.

These are the improvements:

1. Different templates for different pages: Now there are slightly different templates for the different types of pages: homepage (index.php), category index page (category.php), monthly archives (archive.php), single posts (single.php) and pages (page.php).

This gives you more flexibility. For instance, if you don´t want users to post comments on your pages, you can simply remove the “comments” code from the template “page.php”.

2. Hierarchy of the Headings: There is now only one H1 heading on an index page (homepage, category, archive) and the post titles that are linked to the full articles are now H2 headings (formerly H1). Subheadings in the sidebar are now H3 (formerly H2).

However, on individual pages, the post / page titles are written as H1 headings.

3. Title Tag: I´ve changed the most simple template tag for the HTML <title> to a better one. Now, your blog´s title is used as HTML title on the homepage, on category and archive pages there are also the category names respectively dates (month / year) added to your blog´s title and on single pages, the post/page title is used in addition to your blog´s title to form the HTML title tag.

If you want to update your current theme like this, use the following code inside your theme´s header.php template:

<title><?php bloginfo(’name’); wp_title(); ?></title>

There are quite a few different - more sophisticated - possibilities to form the HTML title tag of your blog pages, but I´m going to write another post tomorrow and give you the different codes, so you can choose the one that you like best.

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  1. Comment by:

    Hi ,

    This is a great template that I am looking for. I wish to know how to create “single page” ? Thanks!

  2. Comment by:

    HK - the basic template files a theme has are: header.php, sidebar.php, footer.php, comments.php, index.php and the stylesheet. In this case, index.php is used as template for all the pages of your blog, i.e. your blog´s homepage, the category and archive index pages, search results pages, single posts and “page” pages.

    If you want WP to use different templates for different types of pages, you have a couple of options: for single posts, you would simply make a copy of the template file “index.php”, save it as “single.php” and then make the desired changes.

    Same goes for individual “page” pages - create a template “page.php”.
    For archive index pages: “archives.php”
    category index pages: “category.php”
    etc …

    For more details, please read the WP Codex

  3. Comment by:

    Nice updates looking new!

  4. Comment by:

    nice work with seo guido!!. Wordpress is my best blogging software

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