The End of My Tutorials Directory

It´s almost a year ago that I installed a quite sophisticated directory script on my site. I wanted to give people the opportunity to submit their tutorials, to review and rate other tutorials in order to build a tutorial directory featuring the best (as voted by users) tutorials on top of the page.

But during that time, I found that reviewing all those submissions wasted a lot of my precious time, especially because many submitted links and comments were unrelated and not even tutorials at all. There are already good tutorial directories out there, so why the heck start another anyway ?

So, I decided that I will close down my tutorials directory (i.e. for now I will just stop receiving submissions) and create a couple of extra categories / subcategories on this blog in which I will post reviews and summaries of tutorials that I come across and personally like.

I could post links to the directory myself, but it´s easier and faster for me to post my reviews and recommendations for really good articles and tutorials to my blog.

Category: Site News
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    About taking away the Tutorials Directory.

    I think that this is a good decision, because it is so hard for you or for anyone to see where an external tutorial will lead to (in the future).
    I mean that many times there is a catch. Not directly in the tutorial that is checked, but in the other stuff that is related to the site where “we the consumers”. Sites where we can end, linking us from your site to the next one, and next one and so on.

    There are examples on the net, where some very good site has been made only for the purpose, that when it is recommended enough, has enough traffic, the site-owner puts there something very fishy, a tracking program or such.

    If someone wants to test this on the Internet, I recommend you to do as follows:
    - Download a very good and free program from McAfee, the Siteadvisor. McAfee sells security-programs and is one of the biggest in this field.
    As I said, the SiteAdvisor-program is given free, but that is not the only good thing about it. :)

    That program shows ‘the bad sites’[red colour] and the ’safe sites’ [green colour]. It alarms with the red colour even if a ‘good site’ is connected to a ‘bad site’.
    Here you find this free program:

    The Free SiteAdvisor is in the right column, the other are commercial programs.
    After downloading, test it by Googling anything with the word “free”, and you will get a shock about how many traps there is. Try: “Free downloads”, “Free Screensavers”, “Free games” and so on.
    The SiteAdvisor, which is testing the sites, gives also a description about what is wrong with a site; “a warning-map”.

    P.S. This easywebtutorials is a green site. Otherwise I would never entered this page. :)


    Please feel free to compose or use this letter as you wish.

    Best regards,


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