What You Need To Clean Your Windows Registry

The registry is the heart and soul of your Windows computer. It is quite similar to the Windows file system. Just like you save all your files and data in the file system, your Windows operating system stores all essential configuration information related to hardware and software installed on your PC in the registry. Even the hierarchical tree-like structure of the registry is quite similar to the file system. Your Windows operating system and the applications and devices installed on it, use the data available in the registry to perform different tasks on your computer.

When you buy a new computer, the registry is free from any errors. However, as you start working on your PC, make changes to system configuration, install/uninstall programs, browse the web, and perform various other tasks on your computer, many obsolete, unwanted, and incorrect records accumulate in the registry. Additionally, malware such as spyware, adware, viruses, and trojans can also add malicious records in the registry. In due course, your registry drastically increases in size, and gets cluttered and fragmented. This, in turn, affects the performance of your Windows system and can cause severe damage to your PC.

Due to these problems, it is very important for you to perform regular registry maintenance to keep it free from unwanted junk information. Let´s have a look at some of the tools that you can use to optimize the registry and enhance the performance of your computer.

Registry Cleaner Software

The best way to clean and repair the Windows registry is to use a registry cleaner software. They are easy to use and enable you to scan and clean up the registry with just a few clicks of your mouse. Using a reliable registry cleaner tool to clean the registry can fix a large number of system errors, application errors, and driver errors. Using a registry cleaner, you can defragment the registry to remove any registry holes and re-index the registry files to make them contiguous.

With the recent increase in demand to maintain a healthy registry, there are many third-party registry cleaners available today. Many websites with registry cleaner downloads will also provide you with information, such as user and expert reviews, and utility features that help you in selecting the tool that best meet your needs and is compatible with your operating system.

AntiVirus and AntiSpam Tools

Today, a large number of viruses, spyware, and adware can creep onto your computer through open Internet connections and infected removable data, such as CD/DVD-ROM and pen drives. These malware programs not only clutter your hard disk with unwanted entries, but also add many malicious entries within the registry. These entries are usually added so deep within the registry, that it is practically impossible to remove them manually. Regular antivirus and antispyware scans can help you check your system and the registry for malicious information and remove them from the system.

Program Uninstallers

Incorrect or incomplete program uninstalls are a major cause of clutter and junk on your system and the registry. 90% of the time, a program uninstall performed using the Add or Remove Programs feature or program uninstaller available with your application, does not remove all registry entries and system files it adds to your system during installation. To get rid of this digital junk, you need something better, such as a third-party program uninstaller. Using a good and reliable program uninstaller, you can ensure complete removal of a program from your computer and ensure yourself a healthy, uncluttered, and fast system.

The registry is a vital component of your Windows operating system. You must always keep it free from unnecessary information to ensure yourself a healthy system. Registry cleaner software, antivirus and antispyware tools, and program uninstallers are some of the useful utilities that you can use to clean your registry and enhance your computing experience.

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  1. Comment by:
    Doug Woodall

    A great article. The registry is like the carb on your car. Keep it clean for max performance!

  2. Comment by:

    Quote - “A great article. The registry is like the carb on your car. Keep it clean for max performance!”

    nice analogy :-)

  3. Comment by:

    Anyone know anything about a product called RegCure? I found this site, http://www.pc-registry-repair.com and am looking to purchase RegCure if it is a solid product

  4. Comment by:

    Never believed how usefull a registry cleaner could be (http://registrycleaningprograms.blogspot.com/). Everyone can hold up the performance of his computer.

  5. Comment by:

    Your article is very good,I think that Operating System from Micro… Should include a program to clean their own registry, that will be nice. I almost forgot maybe an install/uninstall programs, anti virus too and don’t make consumers look for a third-party program to do their job from the beginning with. http://www.solidamerica.com

  6. Comment by:

    Among free registry cleaners I value Eusing and CCleaner. Though not being a fan of such software, I prefer conscientious management of installed programs to emergency registry maintenance. As to system suites (with defragmenting, antivirus, firewall, parental controls, etc) that include some kind of registry cleaner, I consider these bundles of software undesirable for installation.

  7. Comment by:

    On the whole a good simple article.One of the best programs for removing system clutter is called System

  8. Comment by:

    After 9 years in IT, I’ve killed my share of workstations (and servers!) mucking in the registry. Now, before any tweak on any reg key on any machine, i backup the registry, and make a system restore point too if possilbe. The more important the machine, the more important the backup.

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