What Are Runtime Errors?

Runtime errors usually occur due to unforeseen programming problems in applications that you might be using. These errors usually occur when certain conditions are true and were not actually detected and taken care of during the development of the application. For better understanding of runtime errors, let´s have a look at a couple of runtime errors that may occur on your Windows XP and Vista computers.

"Run-time error ´429´: ActiveX component can´t create object"

Runtime error 429 is usually generated when you try to automate certain actions in Office XP applications. Actions in Office XP applications are automated with the help of the Windows COM architecture based automation server.

Office XP runtime error 429 occurs if the action you are trying to automate needs to use either the Visual Basic (VB) function "CreateObject" or the VB operator "New" to create an Office XP instance.

The error may occur when one of the following conditions is true:

  • Your application is not installed properly or the installation files are corrupt.
  • Certain required registry values are corrupt or missing.
  • Template objects, such as Normal.dot and Excel.xlb are corrupt.

To fix these errors, first try to re-register the application that is causing the problem. For instance, if you are facing problems with Word, open command prompt and navigate to the Office folder that contains the Word.exe file and then run the "word.exe \ regserver" and press Enter. If the template files are causing the problem, you may fix the problem by deleting the template file and then re-creating them. The template file will be re-created when you start the application. You must also use a registry cleaner program to repair any errors within it.

"Run-time Error ´339´ component ´MCI32.OCX´ or one of its dependencies is not correctly registered: a file is missing or invalid"

Windows Vista is shipped with only those Visual Basic 6.0 files that are required to keep it compatible with older operating systems and applications. Due to this, users who upgrade to Vista from XP may receive runtime errors related to files such as mci32.ocx if they run applications that use these files because these files are not shipped with the Vista operating system.

The best way to fix mci32 Vista problems is to first uninstall and then reinstall the application that is causing the mci32.ocx errors on the system. To ensure a complete uninstall, it is a good idea to run a registry cleaner to ensure no entries of the uninstalled application are left behind in the registry. If you still get the error, download the latest version of mci32.ocx file from the Internet, copy it to the C:\Windows\System32 folder and register it by running the "regsvr32.exe C:\windows\system32\MCI32.OCX" command.

Runtime errors usually occur due to programming faults, therefore, there is not much you can do to prevent them. However, your operating system and application manufacturer continually release updates and software patches to fix any errors that are discovered in their software. Therefore, as a vigilant and aware user, you must keep your PC updated with the latest patches and hotfixes. This will not only help you patch up problems in the software on your system, but will also enable you to improve the system performance and make it more secure.

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