New SEO WordPress Themes Released

Hi everybody,

it´s been a long time since I announced the creation of new WordPress themes and finally, after much more work than estimated, the new themes are ready for you to use on your WordPress blogs.

As said, I wanted to build very flexible and easily customizable themes in a web2.0 look (with rounded borders) and an improved SEO layout, pure CSS (no HTML table tricks anymore) and still cross-browser compatible.

Achieving cross-browser compatibility was the task that caused me the most troubles. Flexibility suffered a bit because I had to create background images in lots of different widths for the different sections (content column, sidebar columns, …) in order to still offer a good amount of flexibility for you to change the overall width of a theme and the sidebar / content columns.

Basic tutorials for theme customization and general updates will be available in the category Web2.0 WordPress Themes.

Originally, I´ve created these themes for my own, to use them on my niche blogs. If you are building WordPress blogs for the purpose of earning money, these themes are perfect for your niche blogs, but then you should consider to purchase a PRO license that allows you to remove the credit in the footer and also give you access to advanced tutorials about more complex theme modifications for even better SEO and tips to increase site traffic.

For personal blogs, the free WordPress themes would be just fine.

Some notes about validation

All my new themes are tested for valid XHTML and CSS and they DO VALIDATE. However, when you run the homepage of my blog in a validator, you will get errors. These errors are caused by content of the posts and not by the themes. You will get validation errors when you use dropdown selection for the monthly archives as tought on the WP codex instead of normal links.

The excerpts function also may cause validation errors, because posts are cropped after 40 words, which usually occurs inside a paragraph and in these cases the closing paragraph tags ( </P> ) are missing. This problem can be simply avoided by using the “more” tag in your posts or by writing custom excerpts with less than 40 words for your posts.

Enough said - Go ahead, get the new WordPress Themes and have fun !

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