Theme Updates

Current Version:

1.6 - 10 Nov. 2008

- added CSS drop-down menus inside header and top navigation bar. Now you can have pages, categories and other links
in 2 level deep search engine friendly drop-down menus.
- combined all 4 color schemes in 1 theme.
- added a theme options page where you can easily switch between the different color schemes and border styles.

Update History:

1.5 - 29 Aug. 2008

- added new style sheet for simple square border instead of rounded borders
- added version numbers
- added missing sidebar styles for 3 column themes

first release - 12 Aug. 2008

This version does not have a number. Version numbers appear beside the theme title (f.ex. Web2.0 3CR Blue 1.5), so if your theme doesn´t have this number, you should update it.

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  1. Comment by:
    Dr. Sudeep Shroff

    Hi Guido,
    I am happy to know that finally the themes with straight borders are ready. I appreciate that you consider the needs of your PRO user like me. Thanks.
    But I am not able to get to those updated themes(with version number) by clicking on the download link in this post. It takes me to your old page: Web2.0 themes. Is there any other way or I am missing something.
    Guide me further.

    Guido replies:

    New themes are in the same location as the old themes, which have been replaced by the new ones. Simply re-download your chosen theme and upload it to your server. In your WP admin panel, you will now see a version number beside the theme title. To switch from default style with rounded borders to the simple borders, see this tutorial.

  2. Comment by:
    Dr. Sudeep Shroff

    Hi Guido,
    Thanks for everything you have done to help me to this point in my journey of blogging.
    I want to know how did you manage to reply to my comment in the way that is seen here.
    I mean when I reply to a comment, it appears as a seperate comment with the serial number. While here it appears to be threaded.
    Do you use a plugin for that?
    If yes, what is that plugin?
    If not, what has been done to appear it like that?

    Guido replies:

    Hi Sudeep,
    I review all comments before they go live on the blog. When I want to reply to a comment, I simply click the “edit” link and then add my reply below the comment, starting with “Guido Replies” in bold font and then the answer itself. If you like to indent your reply, you could add some margin around your reply, f.ex.:

    <div style=”margin-left: 10px”>

    Your Reply


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