Basic things you’ll need before setting up a website

More and more people are setting up their own websites. Most people use it for their business and therefore knowing the basic things that are needed is very important to get yourself ready. When planning to create a website the two most important things you need to get take care to first are, your domain name for your website and a web hosting provider to host your website with.

A domain name is the name for your website and will going to be your URL address. When choosing a name for your website, it’s important that it is easy to read and to remember. This is because if your website’s name is too hard to even pronounce then most likely your visitors would have a hard time remembering your website’s name when they want to revisit your site next time. You have to understand that not all visitors bookmark a website that they like. Register that name with a domain name registrar right away especially if you really like that name already. This is because; a domain name may not always be available when you want it.

When you have registered a name already, it´s now time to choose for a web hosting provider to host your website with. Web hosting providers are the ones that provide you a virtual space and get your website up online. Without it, your website won’t be available for anyone to visit. You can either go for a paid hosting or free hosting. And there are many hosting providers to choose from these days. But unfortunately, not all of them are reliable enough to keep your site up and running.

These two things are crucial on the success of your business. That’s why there are people who spend a lot of money just for these. But it doesn’t always have to be expensive. Doteasy is a domain registrar and at the same time, provides web hosting services. They are one of the few that can actually provide a reliable service for a very affordable price. You can already purchase an unlimited web hosting which has a lot of great features and benefits for your website for only $9.95 per month. But with their current promo right now, you’ll get an even greater deal. You can register any domain name for only $7.95. That’s almost half the price of what others charges. And not only that, with this, you also get a free web hosting package along with other free web tools and apps completely for free. This is a great way to start your website especially for small businesses to cut down expenses. If you’re interested, just use the coupon code, 1003BPM when registering.

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