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Since the only blogging script that I work with is WordPress, you will find only WordPress tutorials and maybe some general blogging tutorials in this category. Most of the tutorials are about customizing my WordPress Themes, but there will also be tutorials and tips to help you monetize your blog(s).

Tutorials about promoting your WordPress blog and getting more traffic to your blog can be found in the category website marketing.

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Recent posts in this category:

header customization with images

date 19 Nov 2008 | category Web2.0 WordPress Themes

There are two simple ways to customize the header of your theme with a custom graphic (logo or header banner):
1. adding a small logo image before your blog´s title and slogan
2. replacing the default header with a custom header banner

This tutorial shows you how to implement both options:

1. adding a small logo to the header

Step 1: Open the header template …

pages and categories as dropdown menus in header and top navigation

date 18 Nov 2008 | category Web2.0 WordPress Themes

This tutorial explains how to display blog pages, sub-pages, categories and sub-categories as drop-down menus inside the header or top navigation of my WP themes.

Switch between styles (color schemes and border styles)

date 06 Oct 2008 | category Web2.0 WordPress Themes

Update: Since version 1.6, all 4 color schemes and the 2 different border styles (rounded and simple) are combined in one theme. To switch between the different styles, simply go to the “Theme Options” page in your WP admin panel and select your preferred style from the available options.

If you are still using version 1.5, there are two stylesheets for …

Theme Updates

date 29 Sep 2008 | category Web2.0 WordPress Themes

information about the current theme version and the update history for my web2.0 themes.

Removing Backlink From Footer

date 29 Sep 2008 | category Web2.0 Themes - PRO

The first thing a PRO licensee probably wants to know is how to remove the backlinks from the footer. This tutorial shows you how.

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