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The End of My Tutorials Directory

date 11 Oct 2007 | category Site News

It´s almost a year ago that I installed a quite sophisticated directory script on my site. I wanted to give people the opportunity to submit their tutorials, to review and rate other tutorials in order to build a tutorial directory featuring the best (as voted by users) tutorials on top of the page.

But during that time, I found that reviewing …

New SEO themes for WordPress

date 05 Jan 2007 | category Blogging, Site News

Happy New Year to everybody! A few days before Christmas, I finished a set of new SEO themes which also contain more features and functionality than the old ones. All themes are now “WordPress Widgets” enabled and also include a better excerpts function.

Instead of 3, there are now 9 different basic layouts available and in addition to the default headers …

WordPress SEO Themes Update

date 25 Sep 2006 | category Blogging, Site News

This one has been long overdue. I have just updated my SEO themes for WordPress and uploaded the new versions, so they are now available for download.

These are the improvements:

1. Different templates for different pages: Now there are slightly different templates for the different types of pages: homepage (index.php), category index page (category.php), monthly archives (archive.php), single posts (single.php) …

Website layout with HTML tables versus CSS

date 10 Aug 2006 | category Site News

For a long time it´s been a common practice to use HTML tables to design a website´s layout. But in a HTML purist´s view, this technique is deprecated (and always has been), because HTML tables are meant to organize content in a tabular format ( see calendar in the right column, for example ) and today, CSS (cascading style sheets) …