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New SEO WordPress Themes Released

date 12 Aug 2008 | category Blogging, Web Design

Hi everybody,

it´s been a long time since I announced the creation of new WordPress themes and finally, after much more work than estimated, the new themes are ready for you to use on your WordPress blogs.

New Web2.0 SEO WordPress Themes in Development - Your Help Needed !

date 19 Mar 2008 | category Blogging, Web Design

A few weeks ago, I felt the need for a new set of SEO themes, purely based on CSS (i.e. no HTML tables) and with a Web 2.0 look and Web 2.0 features. I saw the Tigopedia reloaded theme which inspired me to use rounded boxes, but tigopedia is just not flexible enough and the sidebar content comes …

Webpage optimization - the HTML table trick

date 09 Aug 2006 | category HTML, Web Design

To rank slightly better in the search engines, one thing you can do is to optimize the source code of your webpages in such a way that your most important keyword focused content is placed as high as possible inside the source code.

If your website layout uses a sidebar on the left, you will usually find the content of this …

optimizing your web pages for higher search engine rankings

date 08 Aug 2006 | category SEO, Web Design

Optimizing your web pages and your website structure for higher rankings in the search engines is no rocket science. However, a well optimized website doesn´t guarantee high rankings, as there are way more factors that influence the rankings of your webpages. This article talks about the on-page and on-site factors in search engine optimization.

I recommend you read Google´s …