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STEP 1: Choose Your Favorite Layout

Simply click on an image to select the layout and continue with the next step.

Blue = Header | Orange = Sidebar | Green = Footer

2 column layouts

Sidebar on the left

Sidebar on the right

3 column layouts

2 Sidebars on the left

2 Sidebars on the right

1 Sidebar on each side


Note: These are combinations of 3 column and 2 column layouts, where the 3 column layout is used on all index pages (blog homepage, archives, category index, search results pages, ...) and the 2 column layout is used on single pages (i.e. posts and "pages").

3 columns left - 2 columns left

3 columns right - 2 columns right

3 columns left & right - 2 columns left

3 columns left & right - 2 columns right

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