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Easily customizable WordPress Themes with Web 2.0 functionality and SEO friendly layout.

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Dear WordPress User,

I proudly present my new web 2.0 WordPress themes, wich are available in 8 different basic layouts and 4 different color schemes. They are similar to my old SEO WordPress Themes, but with a few enhancements:

  • Pure CSS - no HTML tables used for layout
  • Some minor improvements regarding SEO (for better search engine rankings)
  • Web 2.0 look with rounded borders
  • Integrated Web 2.0 features like social bookmarking and tags
  • optional CSS drop-down menus (2 levels) inside header and top navbar for pages, categories and other links
  • WP admin theme options: easily switch between 8 different styles.

 Flexibility & Theme Customization 

All themes are very easy to customize. The 2 column themes come with a 780 pixel wide and the 3 column themes with a 920 pixel wide fixed layout. The standard with of the sidebar columns is 230 / 210 pixels, but you have the option to use 8 different widths for the sidebar columns: 150, 170, 190, 210, 230, 250, 270 and 290 pixels.

The standard header can be easily replaced by a custom header graphic and an optional top navigation bar is already integrated into the theme. Tutorials on theme customization will be available on my blog.


If you like, you can see a preview of one web 2.0 theme (3 columns, 1 sidebar on each side, blue color scheme) on my WordPress Blog. Simply select "Web2.0 3CLR Blue" from the theme switcher inside the header.


WordPress version 2.3 or newer. If you are running a WordPress blog with an older version, you´ll need to upgrade your WordPress install or use one of my old SEO WordPress Themes which are compatible with older versions of WordPress.


There are two licenses available: Basic (free) and PRO (US$ 30).

Basic License (free)

In this version, the themes are released under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License. In a nutshell, here is what this particular license allows you to do.

1. EasyWebTutorials owns the copyrights to these themes and you must give credit to EasyWebTutorials.com in form of the links which are already included in the footers of each theme.

2. You may modify each theme as you like for use on your websites in order to make a theme more unique or to better match the design of your main website. Credit (backlink) to EasyWebTutorials must stay intact (no modification allowed).

3. You may even give away, sell or otherwise distribute the original themes or derivative works to other people under the same license (ShareAlike) as long as the credit for EasyWebTutorials is given (Attribution - see point 1.).

Tutorials: In this basic version, you will receive access to some basic tutorials about theme modification and customization. More advanced tutorials, SEO and revenue-generating tips are available in the PRO version.



PRO License (US$ 30)

This personal license allows you to use my themes on your own websites, modify and customize the themes as much as you please - including the removal of the backlinks in the footer. You should choose this license if you want to use my themes on revenue-generating niche blogs.

With your purchase, You will also receive lifetime access (no additional monthly fees) to a growing archive of advanced tutorials about theme modifications, SEO and site promotion to help you earn more money from your niche blogs.

Since this is a personal license, You are allowed to use my themes without backlinks on your own blogs only. If you want to use them on other people´s blogs (customers, friends, ...), they´ll need to either purchase a PRO license or leave the backlinks in the footer. Also, the redistribution is only allowed with the unmodified backlinks.

Purchase Your PRO license now. Pay securely through PayPal using the button below. After payment, don´t forget to click on the "return to merchant" button at PayPal - you will then be forwarded to the download page.

Earnings Disclaimer: I don´t make any quarantees that you will earn money from using this license and all the tutorials and tips you will receive with your license. This depends solely on the action you take.


    Customization FAQ & Tutorials for Web 2.0 Themes

  • If you need help in customizing and modifying our Web2.0 WordPress Themes (f.ex. changing layout or sidebar widths, adding custom header images, adding text / links / graphics to footers and sidebars, subscription boxes, banners, ...), you´ll find tutorials in the WP 2.0 themes categories on my blog:
  • Basic Tutorials
  • PRO Tutorials

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