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STEP 1: Choose Your Favorite Layout

There are 4 different layouts to choose from. Each layout has 4 different color schemes (blue=default, green, red, grey) and 2 different border styles (rounded=default, simple/square) included, which you can easily change in your WP admin panel.

To select your favorite layout, simply click on the thumbnail and you´ll be taken to the preview & download page.

Blue = Header | Orange = Sidebar(s) | White = Main Content Column | Green = Footer

2 column layouts

Sidebar on the left

Sidebar on the right

3 column layouts

2 Sidebars on the right

1 Sidebar on each side

    Customization FAQ & Tutorials for Web 2.0 Themes

  • If you need help in customizing and modifying our Web2.0 WordPress Themes (f.ex. changing layout or sidebar widths, adding custom header images, adding text / links / graphics to footers and sidebars, subscription boxes, banners, ...), youŽll find tutorials in the WP 2.0 themes categories on my blog:
  • Basic Tutorials
  • PRO Tutorials

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