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1. HTML / CSS / web design

If you want to learn some advanced techniques of modern web design, then I recommend you get at least a CSS book. The book Stylin' with CSS : A Designer's Guide by Charles Wyke-Smith, is probably the best one for beginners. You can get it at Stylin´ with CSS: A Designer´s Guide.

To see the current Amazon best-sellers in the categories "web design / css" and "web design / html", visit

2. Web Copy / Sales Copy Writing

If you are trying to sell anything through your website, then you must know how to present your products in order to convert your visitors into customers. Itīs hard to get expert information on a topic like that for under 20 $. The real secrets are usually only tought on seminars that are priced well over 1000 $ per seat.

Therefore I recommend you get the book Web Copy That Sells: The Revolutionary Formula for Creating Killer Copy Every Time by Maria Veloso, director of "Web Copywriting University" and the former director of "Creative Web Writing" for, a major internet marketing company.

This book teaches you all the secrets to make your website sell effectively. Maria Veloso put all the information of her 997$ copywriting seminars into this comprehensive book, which goes way beyond copywriting - covering other aspects of website convertion like opt-in email marketing, autoresponders and much more. And the price of the book is under 20 $ at Amazon.

Get "Web Copy That Sells" from

3. PHP & MySQL Programming

PHP is a very popular programming language to add dynamic content to your webpages or create entirely database driven websites. You donīt necessarily have to learn how to create small scripts yourself, but itīs very useful to have at least some basic understanding of PHP and MySQL, so you wonīt get headaches when it comes to installing and configuring PHP scripts on your website.

A very beginner-friendly and well supported book is Beginning PHP 5 and MySQL: From Novice to Professional by W. J. Gilmore. A book that should be on the shelf of every webmaster. I highly recommend you buy this book at

     Search Engine Optimization - SEO     

Learn how to get top search engine rankings for your webpages in the major search engines like Google and Yahoo. Included in this tutorial are two comprehensive e-books in PDF format that teach you how to choose the right keywords for your webpages, how to optimize your webpages and your websiteīs linking structure, how to increase your websites link popularity and everything else you need to know, so you do not actually have to buy a book on that topic.

Youīll find the e-books inside the folder "books" of this tutorial.

SEO Made Easy: Learn how to achieve top rankings for your webpages in the search engines

BBQ Niche Report: Learn how to find profitable keywords. This report uses the barbecue market niche as example and has lots of screenshots and keyword lists in it. Read it only after learning the SEO basics tought in "SEO Made Easy".

  SEO and Website Marketing Newsletters  :

To keep your website on the top of the search engines, you need to stay up-to-date with the latest techniques and SEO strategies. If you are keen on getting your website found in the search engines and also learn a couple of different ways to attract visitors to your site and earn money with your website, I highly recommend you subscribe to the following free newsletters:

TheJungleMarketer : a monthly, ad-free internet marketing newsletter. By the way - this is my own newsletter, so you know you´ll be getting a lot of valuable information for free.

EZSEO : Dr. Andy Williams, a buddy of mine, publishes an excellent weekly newsletter. Andy is an expert in search engine optimization. In addition to SEO news and strategies you will also get general website promotion and internet marketing tips.

     Scripts and Software Tools categorized directory of software tools and scripts, with reviews and ratings. A great place to find all kinds of scripts, many of them free.


There are many things in your business that you can hire out at very affordable prices. Whether you need help in installing a script, need custom designed graphics or just want to free up your time ... you can easily find someone doing the job for you.

My favorite place for outsourcing is Elance. Just take a look at the different categories and projects to get an idea for what kind of tasks are being hired out. Elance is kind of an auction site for all kinds of e-jobs like programming, writing, webdesign, etc ...

I recommend you open a free account at and go through the tutorials to learn how it works. Itīs easy and youīll be surprised how cheap you can get the jobs done.


  • Web Design
    Design and market your own professional-looking website with easy-to-use tools.

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Cheap Website Hosting
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Multiple Site Hosting
Some webhosts allow you to host several different websites under one hosting account. This makes your hosting costs per site very cheap. My favorite webhosts:

CSS Tutorial
"Styling with CSS" is a comprehensive and easy guide to web design with CSS for beginners. Highly recommended book that should be on your shelf.
Buy it from Amazon.

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