Base packages

Note: Avast, BitDefender, G-Data, Ikarus and Norman Antivirus falsely identify the one of the plugins as being infected with Win32:Trojan-gen, Trojan-Downloader.Agent or W32/DLoader.KQTO. If you're affected by this problem, please report it to the vendor of your antivirus, or change to another product.

* GIMP for Windows (version 2.6.2)
15403 kB
GIMP requires Windows 2000 SP4, Windows XP SP2 or newer to run.
Download b1c646b8e91c09218df88a78ed8e7034

Additional packages

GIMP Help 2 (version 2.4.0)
This package contains help files for GIMP.
Included languages: Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Korean, Norwegian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish
Since the help installer is pretty large, the following options are available:
  • All languages in a single file: Download (64,866 kB)
  • All languages split into 8 MB chunks:
    • Part 1/7: Download (8994 kB)
    • Part 2/7: Download (9311 kB)
    • Part 3/7: Download (9311 kB)
    • Part 4/7: Download (9311 kB)
    • Part 5/7: Download (9311 kB)
    • Part 6/7: Download (9311 kB)
    • Part 7/7: Download (9311 kB)
    • Extract (part 1) to the same directory you downloaded gimp-help-2-2.4.0-setup-n.bin files (parts 2-7) and run gimp-help-2-2.4.0-setup.exe to install.
  • English language only: Download (21,536 kB)