Basic things you’ll need before setting up a website

date 12 Mar 2010 | category internet business

More and more people are setting up their own websites. Most people use it for their business and therefore knowing the basic things that are needed is very important to get yourself ready. When planning to create a website the …

Book Review: WordPress for Business Bloggers

date 22 Dec 2008 | category Blogging

A few months ago, I received a book from Packt Publishing:

WordPress for Business Bloggers - by Paul Thewlis

It took me quite long to read since I had a lot of other things to do, but now I´m …

examples for custom widgets: FeedBurner, AdSense and more.

date 22 Nov 2008 | category Web2.0 WordPress Themes

In this post you´ll find a few examples (with HTML source code) for certain custom widgets like a FeedBurner e-mail subscription box, AdSense ads, a featured product or Youtube video, etc …

With these examples and the instructions given in the …

sidebar customization: editing, adding and removing widgets

date 22 Nov 2008 | category Web2.0 WordPress Themes

Although the sidebars in my themes are enabled for the use of WordPress widgets, some of you may want to manually edit the sidebar(s), which is pretty easy. Depending on the layout, your theme has either a left sidebar, a …

header customization with images

date 19 Nov 2008 | category Web2.0 WordPress Themes

There are two simple ways to customize the header of your theme with a custom graphic (logo or header banner):
1. adding a small logo image before your blog´s title and slogan
2. replacing the default header with a custom header banner

This …